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frijolesrefritos replied to your post “lol going back to school was a terrible idea”

you think you can make the semester?


we’ll see what happens. i had a momentary freak out. but also i have no idea what im doing so.

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Why paint happy trees with Bob Ross when you can have an existential crisis with Bill Alexander?

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omg yall i just had my biggest grad school freakout to date (like full on crying and hyperventilating and some bad coping mechanisms) and i came out on the other side of it okay but omg pls send me some chillywilly stuff to keep me going

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shout out to all the mutuals that are still following me even though our blog styles are totally different now

lol going back to school was a terrible idea

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my mom and i laughed over barba’s yacht outfit for like 3 hours i am so pumped

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i just need a mystery sugar daddy to complete my halloween costume

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the good wife is the best show on television just fyi

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