Does it trip anyone else out that “G” is just an arrow going in a circle?


when a mutual unfollows you first


so then you unfollow them right back


i changed my twitter header to the l&o end credit “executive producer dick wolf.” what am i even doing with my life anymore.

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*sees picture of caroline dhavernas*

lol i cant believe i thought i was straight for so long

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serious hannibal wank under the cut

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Name: caitlin

Nickname: “oh jesus, this asshole…”

Birthday: august 9th

Gender: cis woman

Sexuality: bisexual

Height: 5’4

Time zone: EST

Current date and time: october 19 6:40pm

Average hours of sleep I get: 6-8

My current OTPs: ChillyWilly, Clannibal (always and 4ever), Amaro/Barba/Carisi(/myself shhhh), Alicia Florrick/state’s attorney’s office, Gina/Boyle (its so gross but i love it so much dont you judge me)

The last thing I googled: mise-en-scène. i couldnt remember if the accent over the e is `or ´, and im such a tool that I just had to use the accent in my film assignment because im an asshole. 

First word that comes to mind: flux capacitor (???¿¿¿¿?????¿¿ idek where that came from)

What I last said to a family member: “things are about to get really explicit and i don’t want to listen to you listening to it so im going to hang up” - me to my mom while i listened to her listening to my podcast over the phone.

One place that makes me happy: the outer banks of north carolina

How many blankets I sleep under: one

Favorite beverage: water with peach flavored crystal light

Last movie I watched in cinema: pretty sure it was guardians of the galaxy, but i watch hella movies for film class.

3 things I can’t live without: internet, tv, a constant state of ennui (it fuels me to be better at life)

Something I plan on learning: french, because i have to be proficient in a foreign in order to get an MA in english (?????)

What I want to say to my followers: all of you are awesome and i can’t believe you follow my garbage blog. in an ideal world i would get to kick it with all of you and throw a sick party in my party mansion.

also, listen to my podcast Almost Famous because i am a shameless self-promoter and i truly believe that i can someday have raúl esparza on it as a guest if we get a big enough audience.

You have to listen to this song: Playground Love by Air

My blog: complete garbage operated by an utter asshole

omggggg i suck at tagging people and i get really neurotic that im going to leave someone out and they’ll be sad so i never do it (and also im lazy) but if you want to do it, say i tagged you. im a delicate leaf of a human being and cant handle the pressure

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drchiltonsdick replied to your post: first question i’ll ask when raúl is o…

I wanna know more about his internal monologue when Chilton pulls all those faces and says words like ‘dominance’

bruh i’ve already started compiling a list of questions hahaha

i totally want to talk about chilton and barba stuff amongst many other acting things but then i want to do a 180 and ask really ridiculous questions like “who would you rather go to a carnival with: two children in a trench coat pretending to be one man or a 60 year old man dressed like a baby drinking malt liquor out of a comically large baby bottle?”

ALSO, as long as it doesnt come off weird, i’d want to do a contest for our thousands and thousands of listeners: okay so you know those contests where theres a bunch of jellybeans (or something of that nature) in a glass/plastic jar and whoever is closest to guessing how many are in there wins? okay i’d want to do the exact same thing except people have to guess how many jellybeans they think he can hold in his hands hahahahahahaahahah im cracking myself up ngl. i think its the best idea ever. but i need to make it sound not completely weird and creepy, which i think i can do because despite my garbage blog im actually pretty charismatic.

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important ot3 questions: which one has to sit in the backseat

Or the shortest and lightest just sit on the passengers lap.


Have I correctly internalized the concept “important gif”? ;P

yes. yes you have.

im deleting my blog