if you see me staring off into the middle distance with a serene look on my face, then there is a ten thousand percent chance im fantasizing about raúl esparza. 

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Imagine Clarice drunkenly singing it’s raining men at her local karaoke bar

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purepopfornowpeople replied to your post “okay no but i actually will literally cry if ive already fucked up not…”

Grad school sucks dick. It’s normal to feel like a fraud early on. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine, just try to breathe as best as you can.

rosemarysbabysitter replied to your post “okay no but i actually will literally cry if ive already fucked up not…”

oh sweetie. cry if you have to, but i doubt you could have done any permanent damage with your first assignment. you’ll figure it out.

captain-pterodactyl replied to your post “oh god i might have done my first paper for my research class on the…”

wow, that’s awful. I hope that’s not the case

ahhh thx guys!

i mean if i have to end up redoing it, i’ll be emailing my professor IMMEDIATELY about my learning and psychological disabilities even though they havent been fully documented through the office of disabilities services (because ive had to jump through ten thousand bureaucratic hoops - first i had to go to health svcs and then the counseling and psychiatric svcs and i still have more paperwork to do). it said on the syllabus to talk to him after class about any disabilities, but of course i didnt see that on the syllabus after i got home, so i figured i’ll tell him after class on thursday, but if he emails me tmrw about having to redo the paper, imma reply right away like ‘listen, dude. i have adhd and bipolar disorder and i am freaking the fuck out over this and jfc dont do this to me on week 2’

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okay no but i actually will literally cry if ive already fucked up not even two weeks in :-o

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Danny Pino ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

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oh god i might have done my first paper for my research class on the wrong thing and im ready to cry if i have to write another paper. lawd help me. 

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Just curious, what's your favorite thing about Clannibal? Btw, your blog is great and I hope you're having a good start at grad school (creeps asides, of course).

Oh man, don’t get me started on Clannibal…I won’t shut up. Ummm I think some of the biggest things for me is that Hannibal is the only man that truly sees who Clarice Starling is and takes an interest in who she is as a person…like out of all the shit bag men Clarice has had to deal with, he’s one of like 2 dudes who respects her (John Brigham actually thinks she’s a capable agent and treats her like an equal, but look how that turned out :-/ and lets be real here, Jack Crawford sent her to Hannibal without giving her the real reason why and basically used her for selfish reasons). Hannibal is fascinated by her and her courage and conviction and she’s the only person that truly surprises him. He can’t predict the things she does the way he can with everyone else that comes across his path. And then there’s Clarice…god she had to deal with so much bullshit at the FBI and here she is, standing up to this “monster” when he tries to read her to filth the first time they meet, and she’s like ‘um, how about no’ and then from there on forward she knows that he’s the only man that treats her like an equal. 

I mean, if you haven’t read Hannibal, then I would totally suggest you do because it really goes so much more in depth into their relationship. In TSOTL, it’s very much focused on Clarice desperately wanting to save this woman and prove to all the misogynist pricks at the FBI that she’s not to be fucked with - she’s almost naive in her belief that if she saves this girl and does her job, that she’ll be rewarded with good things. But in Hannibal we see a Clarice Starling who’s been treated unfairly and saw her career go down the shitter because her boss doesn’t like her. She understands the sort of justice that Hannibal doled out (eating the rude and all that), like they had the same strict moral code and she could appreciate that. The real world didn’t care about justice or moral absolutes and certainly didn’t care about what’s fair or not. Just as Hannibal understands Clarice, Clarice understands and appreciates who he is and what he stands for.

Hannibal says to her that she’s a warrior and she’s beautiful and that the world is more interesting with her in it…like come on. Hannibal is like the friggen expert on what’s beautiful and interesting in the world, which is pretty much the highest praise he could say about anyone/anything. 

I mean, also in the movie, there is totally some sexual tension that can’t be ignored and omg Clannibal. I can’t stop talking about Clannibal.

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↳ 2x02: Sakizuki

"If God is looking down at you, don’t you want to be looking back at Him?"

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i blame this stupid shitty website

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flash52 replied to your post “flash52 replied to your post “the very first man that talked to me…”

Why try talking to someone who has earphones in, that’s like the universal signal of ‘leave me alone’. Stay safe buddy

well because there are a lot of men out there who dont perceive women as being autonomous individuals, but walking fuck holes that should be thrilled to be receiving attention from them and their amazing penis in the first place. and thanks, i will try to stay as a safe as possible, but that would be a lot easier if men stopped being menacing, entitled pricks who make women feel unsafe. i would love to live in a world where the onus to feel safe while existing wasn’t on me, but c’est la vie  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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